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The Upcoming Innovative Diet 
Best for Families, Weight Loss, Diabetes



Currently, two-thirds of American or Western adults are overweight or obese developing metabolic diseases.

This health issue is populating at

a fast rate.


Over 400 million people around the world already have Diabetes, Celiac or

Metabolic Diseases.

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Current Health Problems

The current global obesity, diabetes
& chronic metabolic diseases.
Has become one of the highest global health threats
of the 21st century.

Western or unhealthy diets are the highest cause of obesity & metabolic cardiovascular diseases.

Burger, Fries & Coke

The Upcoming Finest Diet
Amazing New Achievements 

  • Defeats & Prevents Obesity & Metabolic Diseases.

  • Prevents & Cures Diabetes Type 2.

  • Gluten-Free For Celiacs.

  • Best Diet for Mature & Middle-aged People to Resets Body Lipids, BMI & Regenerates Youth, live 10+ years longer.

  • The Latest Longevity Wellness Diet for Longer Lifespan.

  • A New Premium Restaurant Taste for Family Cookery as Private Healthcare.


80% Plantbase - 20% Meat Diet

Mix Cuisine of Modern Western & Asian

Upcoming in Future Standings
#No1 Best Family Diet, #No1 Best Diabetes Diet
#No1 Best Longevity Diet, #No1 Best Celiac Diet
#No1 Best Weight Loss Diet, #No1 Best All-Rounder Diet

How it works

Nutrition Healthcare Course 

For the fresh new start to your new better healthcare, all new members are to complete Maister Foods' nutrition healthcare course, via an entertaining video course from your TV or computer divices.


Enjoy the New Upgrade
Healthy Foods
With Family & Friends

Normal-weight people will be on the Set-weight Diet & Longevity Lifestyle

The Reset to
Longevity Program

For people are slight over weight, obese or diabetes, this is the latest upcoming weight loss & reset program going to turn around your inner health & body physique, dieters will lose around 15 pounds or 6kg per month till your target weight goal.

Reset your whole body to the right proportion & prestine health condition. 

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About Set-Weight Diet & Longevity

Our Longevity Concept 

"Like a good bottle of wine, gets better with age"

After Maister Foods Members reset their body's proportions & health,

the next stage is to preserve & extend their lifespan.

We are the upcoming leading longevity diet on the market, the finest diet is an all-in-one diet to heal bodies and extend lifespan,

with restaurant premium taste,

members will also save financially in the long term,

living a health-positive cycle life wheel, is priceless!

The Versatile Finest Diet Suitable For:

Plus Size Models

Weight Loss & Diabetes Program 

You Are Either Obese or Overweight,
Reset to Longevity
is the Latest Weight Loss Program Many People Have Been Waiting For that Really Works & Keep The Weight Off & Cure Diabetes for Good.
Read More on Reset to Longevity Program. 
Happy Family in Nature


The Upcoming #No.1Family Diet to Prevent Obesity,
Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases.
Learn the Entertaining Nutrition Healthcare Course & Professional Artisan Home Cookery. 
Enjoy Premium Tasting Home Meals Every Day that Prevents Health Issues 
& Future Medical Bills.
Picnic with Friends

Food As Hobby
Food For Longevity

For Foodies, Skinny People & Athletes This is the Best Diet Cookery Money Can Buy, Premium Immersive Restaurant Tasting
Cooking Classes
Libary Over 800+
You Will Save More Money for Good,
Eat Much Better Daily with this New Cookery Skillset.
The Best Innovative Food Tech with all the Performance & Maximum Healthcare Benefits. 

For People, 40-60 Years Old, The Finest Diet Can Resets Your Body Lipids,
Get 10 to 20 Years Younger Inner Health.

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