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The Current Obesity & Diabetics Are On An High Increasingly Rate, Maister Foods Wellness Cuisine & Transformation Program Are Designed To Turn Around Obesity & Diabetic Problems

& Mitigate Potential Related Health Diseases.  

The Wellness Project is About Facing Modern Health Diseases, Food Diets, Excercise & Longevity.

With Our New Innovative Programs, Diets & Technology this Long Term Project Will Produce

Meaningful Success Stories for Now & the Next Generations of Health.


Maister Foods was founded by Marcus Magnes when he was on a personal weight-loss project, to lose weight as a Diabetic Type 2 with obesity BMI & heavy insulin dependency.

With his extensive 26 years of chef experience in Michelin, Western, Modern Asian Cuisines & Nutrition Academics, the goal of the weight-loss project was to lose weight while eating delicious foods, there ain't any that are intriguing on the market.

With nutrition & extensive restaurant background "The Finest Diet" is invented.

After 6 months of trial dieting the results were astonishing loss 25.2kg, 55.5 Pounds -18.8% body fat, BMI of 24.9, The Diet also crushed diabetic type 1, no need for daily insulin intake with a consistent blood sugar of 108mg, 6.0mmol.

With these new excellent results, was time to go deeper, shortly Marcus created Density Cookery with 4 Low Principals, packed with amazing tasting foods & health benefits, pushing new dietary foods boundaries to the global highest level.

Over 500 plus new innovative dietary foods that deliver premium taste & new high grounds of private healthcare for families & patients. 

​Prior to Maister Foods Marcus has spent 7 years in technology startup designs,
Maister Foods is a special innovation that is the immediate priority to the market, putting other startups scheduled to market, this is an excellent opportunity to work with an upcoming founder with disruptive startups.



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