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Chef Presenter Jobs Openings

  • Western Cuisines | Cofounder

  • Asian Cuisines | Cofounder

  • Pastry Chef | Cofounder

Chef Presenters | Cofounders

Maister Foods is a health tech startup in the early stage

what we are looking for:

  • Senior chefs X3 | Western | Modern Asian | Pastry, with10 plus years in the hospitality industry or media Food personalities. 

  • You have a talent to create new foods, enjoys recipe development as second nature. 

  • Have a good interest in Artisan healthy cookery, nutrition is the fundamental to Artisan Home Cookery and must be keen to transit into Healthy Cookery & immerse into Maister Foods Principals & perspectives, nutrition training is provided.

  • Someone with presenter experience or think they can be a Healthy Chef presenter as their long-term career, media coaching assistance possible if necessary.

  • Proficient in office duties & computing.

  • Online part-time to start then must be able to relocate to San Franciso to a permanent resident of 6 years contract.

  • US resident or must have a passport for US visa waiver program.

Job Description:

  • To start chefs need to immerse themselves into Maister Foods Nutrition Healthcare principles & Artisan Home Cookery working part-time online for around a few hours per week on your days off, if you already know nutrition then is easier, if not training will be provided by the founder online.

  • When chefs are trained with the startup then is time to create some new foods with the 4 Low principles, this could be done in your spare -time while still holding a normal job.

  • Relocation to San Franciso begins full-time work when the Maister Foods Kickstarter ends & funded.

  • In San Francisco chefs will be refining recipes in the test kitchen for publishing.

  • Recording cooking classes, chefs will be building a video recipe library continuously for many years to come.

  • Media presentation, occasionally chefs will be doing cooking demonstrations with events.

Remuneration Package:

  • 80K to100K USD progressive salary starts when the startup is fully funded post-Kickstarter campaign in 1st half of 2023.

  • Any prior training & work before the kickstart campaign is rewarded as part of the Employee Stock Option Plan, 1 million to 2 million USD per year pending on experience, 6 years contract.

  • Annual Leave 20 days post 1 year of full-time service post-launch.

  • Sick Leaves - 5 Days

  • Medical Insurence 

  • Probation Period - 6 Months

  • Salary progression role toward $200,000 USD, 20% increase with each milestone & add-on bonuses such as company car & housing assistance, (R&R) rest & recuperate bonus.

Apply by sending a resume & cover letter to:

Marcus Magnes

Founder of Maister Holdings

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