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The Company

Location & Timing

Maister Foods is an upcoming healthcare dietary startup estimated to launch in the 2nd half of 2022 in San Franciso.

For now, we are hiring early senior staff part-time remote online about 5 hours per week but must be able to relocate to San Franciso later in the year for the long-term role.

These special roles are for people who are willing to relocate for the best job of their life later in the year, come with ultra-high employees stock option package.

What we do

The latest innovative healthcare dietary brand that uses food as Medicine for health treatments, the primary product "The Finest Diet"

is an amazing Low-Calorie Diet & Cuisine that defeats diabetes, obesity & prevents Metabolic Diseases with the restaurant's premium taste, will be the next global premium dietary brand above all the current diets on the international market.

The Finest Diet is designed to be the industry-leading diet offering new solutions to Obesity, Diabetes & Metabolic Disease prevention, we are going to make a good impact on the people & communities around the globe.

Current Situation

Maister Foods is invented by founder Marcus Magnes with 26 years of modern cookery experience & 7 years of tech startup product designs, the product is been tested on Marcus's personal Diabetes & obesity treatment the results are astonishing new perfect health & body, he is the 1st person to cure Diabetes type 2 with restaurants tasting foods experience, a noble peace price candidate for this special new invention.

The last 20 months have been testing the diet & product designs, we are currently just coming to the market for senior candidates to join the startup, the startup is yet funded but will definitely be snatched up by investors in the near months, there will be 50 new staffs for the product launch later in the year, for now, some senior roles are open for those who believe in earliest to the opportunity will capture the highest rewards, the employee stock option plans are very special & rare only offered to early senior staff.

More on Company Structure

Founder Marcus is a special inventor, for the last 7 years he has been product designing in multiple industries inventing new global market products, there are 3 global product platforms in the company milestone, Maister Foods, Eat In Guide & Maister Club Travels.

With his Chinese heritage, there also will be Maister Foods China & Eat In Guide China sites in the milestone, a total of 5 sites under Maister Holding Inc  

This structure is excellent for investors & employees with shares, all shares are under Maister Holdings Inc, this is to ensure everyone will have a very high chance of financial success, many lower grade startups in the past only walk away with just a salary & experience, joining Maister Holdings shareholders can't go wrong with the best upcoming innovations excellent in product demand & financial structures, Maister Holdings is an upcoming progressive high growth startup with global market-fit platform products, is a very special one... 











on thisThe Chief Healthcare Officer is now open for applicants.

What we looking for:

  • 5 plus years in the healthcare industry as Senior Dietitian or Doctor.

  • Strong experience in nutrition, weight loss dieting.

  • Experience with media presentations for public relations.

  • Must be able to relocate to San Franciso.

Job Description:

  • Collaborating with the founder on the brand's Healthcare Course.

  • Screenwriting & collaborating with course media presentations.

  • This role is the head of healthcare, you be training & supporting in-house presentation chefs, the dietitian department & future brand members with their healthcare queries.

  • Recruit & build the Dietitian department, structure & manage the dietitian support & telehealth services.

  • Will be the primary representative of public relations.

Remuneration Package:

  • Part-time remote work before the Kickstarter campaign around 10 hours per week.

  • 100K to 120K Salary starts when the startup is fully funded post-Kickstarter campaign pending on experience.

  • Any prior work before the kickstart campaign is rewarded as part of the Employee Stock Option Plan, from 20 million to 50 million USD pending on experience.

  • Annual Leave 20 days post 1 year of full-time service post-launch.

  • Sick Leaves - 5 Days

  • Probation Period - 6 Months

  • Salary progression role, 20% increase with each milestone.

1st target milestones achieve

  • 20% Salary Increase

  • Medical Insurance

  • Company Car

2nd target

  • 20% Salary Increase

  • Rest & Relaxation Bonus

  • Housing Bonus

Permanent Contractor Role

  • 6 Years Minimum Contract

Apply by sending a resume & cover letter to Marcus

Current Senior Openings

  • Chief Healthcare Officer 

  • Dietitians

  • Head of E-commerce 

  • Elite Chef Presenters x3 

With 2 China sites milestones, people with Mandarin is an advantage not limited to.​

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