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About the startup

Maister Foods is a startup been in product testing & development for the last 2.5 years, it began when the Covid-19 lockdown took place in Melbourne Australia.

When Melbourne was in lockdown founder Marcus had Diabetes with obesity & physically unfit, depending on a range of medications & insulin to maintain his diabetes.

The strict Covid-19 lockdown sparked the new idea to lose weight & cure the Diabetes while in isolation.

The idea was what if I can eat nice restaurant foods & lose weight then the weight loss diet is more enjoyable to do.

After a period of time researching to join other diet programs, there was no such thing on the market that you can eat nice restaurant foods to cure diabetes & weight loss.

It took a period of time to invent a new diet for diabetes & weight loss, it has to be original & has to taste like restaurant foods, back on Marcus' previous experience in Nutrition & a professional chef of 27 years the new diet is invented

"The 4 Low nutrient strategy" is hidden behind tasty restaurant foods.

The Results

After the first 3 months on the diet, Marcus lost 34.8 pounds, 15.7 kg then another 6 months lost 21.2 pounds 9.6 kg.

total weight loss of 56 pounds 25.4 kg new BMI of 24.

The new blood test also showed amazing results, the old problems with fatty liver, high blood pressure, high blood sugar & high triglycerides all reset to the new perfect range, the doctor's comments were, is like a late 20-year-old inner health.

Product Development

Branding this amazing innovation has come to | Maister Foods | The Finest Diet | Artisan Home Cookery | Reset to Longevity Program | Artisan Cookery Collective | 

The total time on design, testing & recipe development is currently about 2.5 years in, with over 700+ new recipes,

the ongoing recipe development strategy is to become the largest premium home health food library on the market.

The Finest Diet is the diet many people have been waiting for that can prevent & beat obesity & cure diabetes, even more it can extend people's lifespan for longevity, all with premium restaurant taste currently, there is no better concept or product on the market alike.

For mico investors, Maister Inc is an exceptional opportunity to engage an innovative upcoming startup design company with 4 A grades startups in the pipeline, micro investors VIP invitations are available at

Startup timeline 

June 2020

August 2020

April 2021

June 2022

Late 2022


The weight loss idea started from the Covid-19 lockdown, no diets on the market taste great like restaurant foods.

Started the 4 Low strategy on weight loss diet experiment.

The amazing results: cured diabetes, weight loss of 34.8 pounds 25.4 kg, reversed all body inner health to late 20-year-old, perfect lipids, BMI of 24.

2 years in on product design, recipe development & testing, Artisan Collective initial stage & recruitment. 

Startup on-hold for more testing & recipe development.

Maister Inc to launch Wedding Gift Co startup visit

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Maister Inc to launch Public Equity Crowd Funding at

VIP pass holders to join equity investment at their pre-offered price.


Maister Inc to launch Maister Foods Kickstarter campaign 30% off membership sales only

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