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Artisan Home Cookery

Crafting Modern Health Foods As Medicine

Food As Medicine

  • Defeat or Prevent Obesity, Diabetes, Celiac & Metabolic Disease

  • Reset Bodies BMI & Internal Lipids

  • Maintain the New Healthy Body for Longevity

  • Premium Restaurant Tastes

The Philosophy

​"Live with 4 Lower Restrains, Frees the Body to Thrive Longevity"

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1. Low Sugar

A stable low blood sugar diet is best for diabetes & 

general people, low sugar diets have no instant energy spikes,

instant high energy spikes can become an addictive habit,

excess sugar consumption is the starting course of obesity & cardiovascular diseases.

2. Low Fats & Oils

A Low Fats diet to minimise saturated fats that cause high cholesterol & high dense calories intakes, by reducing all fats in the diet, the body is less restrain to burn off fats, there for the body organs & cells can more easily prevail in their unrestraint prime state, recovers heart problems & diseases.

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3. Low Gluten

Gluten intake creates an instant spike of blood sugars &

most gluten foods fall into the high carbohydrates category.

High carbohydrates foods are the popular cause of obesity &

celiac intestine damage.

4. Low Calories

A calorie is the measurement of energy, the amount of calories the body requires depends on the activeness of the person.

Currently, two-thirds of American & western adults have excess calories in their diet, low-calorie diet can reset a person BMI & Diabetes to remission,

a low-calorie diet is our approach to a healthy lifestyle & food as medicine.


In 2014 Harvard Medical School had a 24 Million fund contributed
to the research of Obesity, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases,
no new innovations were yielded,
till today there are no other new innovations as good as
Maister Foods Finest Diet, Artisan Home Cookery.




Create Deliciousness

In general healthier foods are lesser flavoursome than dense calorie high carbohydrate foods.
Most people are generally drawn to tasty foods neglecting calorie density which leads them to obesity, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases.
Artisan Home Cookery is created for generating high flavoursome tastes with low-calorie nutrient cookery, is the upcoming tastiest diet to market, making new forefront for healthy foods.

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Bliss Point



Street Food


Maister Foods is designed to satisfy the gourmet eaters & home entertainers.

Premium artisan flavours for new family meals.

The Finest Diet is the new all in one private healthcare to prevent obesity & metabolic diseases with a premium tasting journey to longevity lifespan.

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