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Ecommerce Jobs 

  • Ecommerce Chief Officer 

The Ecommerce Chief Officer Role

What we looking for:

  • 5 plus years in the Ecommerce industry as Senior Manager.

  • Have deep insights of the North American Ecommerce industry.

  • Strong experience in digital marketing & strategies.

  • Experience in health-related products, dry goods pantry or homeware products.

  • China trading or Asian dry goods experience is an advantage.

  • Experience in new operation & warehouse setup, logistic setup, deal negotiating & staff hiring.

Job Description:

  • Setting up the Ecommerce department with the founder from the scratch start.

  • As the Chief Product Purchaser ensure the high quality of products & merchant's alinement with Maister Shop are the best possible partnership & purchase pricing.

  • Structuring, hiring & execute warehouse dispatch operations to the most possible efficiency.

  • Staff training to perform high quality of customer service & phone support.

  • Collaborating with founder & marketing officer on future marketing campaigns & strategies.

  • Delivering future target sale goals & optimising new conversion growth.

  • Liaise future new product campaigns with the production manufacture & contract partnership.

Remuneration Package:

  • Part-time remote work before the Kickstarter campaign around 3 hours per week.

  • Progression salary role, 80K salary starts when the startup is fully funded post-Kickstarter campaign later in 2022.

  • Any prior work before the kickstart campaign is rewarded as part of the Employee Stock Option Plan, estimated share exit value from 20 million to 40 million USD pending on experience & achievements.

  • Annual Leave 20 days post 1 year of full-time service post-launch.

  • Sick Leaves - 5 Days

  • Medical Insurence 

  • Probation Period - 6 Months

  • Salary progression role, 20% increase with each milestone & add-on bonuses, progression salary towards $250,000.

Permanent Contractor Role

  • 6 Years Minimum Contract

Apply by sending a resume & cover letter to:

Marcus Magnes

Founder of Maister Holdings

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