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Wedding Gift Co Launch Special

Wedding Gift Co by Maister Inc is an upcoming startup from Melbourne Australia, for 2023 & 2024 booking with Wedding Gift Co we are offering special VIP private invitations in the Diamond & Platinum Passes.

The VIP passes is a special invitation to Maister Inc Public Equity Crowdfunding at

with a pre-offered company share sale price, 2 seats issued per wedding client.

Diamond VIP @ 20 cents per share, Platinum VIP @ 50 cents per share.

This is an exceptionally rare offer to be part of an upcoming rapid-growth investment.

 The estimated ROI is around 8000% to 40,000%, this potential ultra-high return is only possible from a scalable tech startup at the earliest stage, we are one of the best upcoming in Australia with 4 scalable innovations in the milestone,

for miro-investors, this is the real Diamond Investment people wish to be part of.

The Special VIP Offer:

  • The first 50 wedding clients receive Diamond VIP Passes.

  • The next 1000 wedding clients receive Platinum VIP Passes.

  • Extra perk: additional 20% off add-on discount to our next product Maister Foods Membership with the public 30% discount total of 50% off.

  • Be part of the Diamond VIP for the lowest share price possible, a first-in-first-serve policy, and strict limitations.

More About the Company

Maister Inc is a technology startup design company, that designs innovative

hospitality tech startups.

Over the last 8 years, founder Marcus has invented 4 brands under Maister Inc

Wedding Gift Co | Maister Foods | Maister Club | Elite Dietary 

Wedding Gift Co is the beginning milestone towards a public company,

for investors 6 years of projection to exit.

Company Values 

  • Only Original Innovations.
  • Technology Has a Positive Impact On Humanity.
  • Business Transparency.
  • Optimal Integrity.
  • We do Against the Bad, to be Better People.

Maister Inc Innovations 

WGC Slides.png

A unique Catering Wedding Gift Registry offers wedding couples who wish not to receive goods as gifts. 
Guests are to pay for their own catering costs as their gifts.

The next premium diet that cures Diabetes, Obesity with restaurant taste, also extends lifespan for longevity,
is the next best diet money can buy.

Maister Foods (59).png
Maister Club Deck.png

Membership-style travel agency
with better perks & discounts.
Maister Foods members can leverage their savings more further.

An extension of Maister Foods
Finest Diet for commercial licensing,
a universal branding,
Designed for international hotel chains. 


Maister Foods Catering (1).png
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