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Nutrition COO

San Francisco, CA

The Company

Maister Foods is an upcoming private healthcare startup scheduled to launch in 2022 in San Francisco, from now to then will be remote part-time work to start flexible around 5 hours per week, full-time starts around May 2022.
An innovative healthcare dietary brand that uses food as Medicine for treatment, the primary product "The Finest Diet" is the latest Low-Calorie Diet & Cuisine that defeats diabetes, obesity & prevents Cardiovascular Diseases, with new restaurant premium taste, the next global premium dietary brand amongst & above WW, myfitnesspal.

Maister Foods "The Finest Diet" is very special, this will be the future standings:

#No.1 Best Diabetic Diet

#No.1 Best Weight-Loss Diet

#No.1 Best Family Diet

#No.1 Best Gluten-Free Diet

#No.1 Best Longevity Diet

#No.1 Best Performance Diet

The Role

- Collaborating with the founder on the development of the Human Nutrition Course & Transformation Weight-Loss Program.

- Screenwriting & collaborating with Production Director on Online Media Nutrition Course Production including presentation of the course.

- This role is the head of healthcare education, you be training in-house instructor chefs, your dietitian team & future international members with their healthcare queries.

- Recruit & build the Dietitian support department & services.

- Collaborate on Marketing measures & public relation engagements.

- Evaluate & mitigate any negative effects of diets & competitors.

- Manage & oversee the healthcare department

Remuneration Package
- 1st year before 15,000 members 100K.
- 200k permanently salary when startup reaches the target of 15,000 members.
- 100K Salary starts when the startup is fully funded post-Kickstartup campaign.
- Part-time remote contractor role before the kickstarter campaign.
- Any prior work before the kickstarter up campaign is rewarded as part of the Employee Bonus Plan no wages is paid.

- Nutrition COO Bonus Package Pending on Experience ultra-high bonus up to 2 Million Per Year of 6 years Contract total of 12 Million Exit Plan.

- Annual leave - 20 days after 1 year of full-time service after launch.
- Sick leaves - 5 Days
- Remote part-time to start
- Probation period - 6 months

Bonuses When the company reach 1st target of 15,000 members

- 200K salary starts
- Medical insurance cover
- Company Car
2nd Target of 500,000 members

- Yearly ultra-high bonus up to 2 million USD pending on experience
- Rest & Relaxation Bonus $3000
Permanent Contractor Role

- Forward application to with social media links.


  • Minimum 10 years work experience 

  • With current certifications 

  • Must be able to relocate to San Francisco

  • Australian, Canada, UK & US Passport Holders

  • Cover Letter with resume

  • Attach your social media links or photo to be screen for interview

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